Ghostwriters In The Sky (and at WAB!)


Are you a way-too-busy corporate executive, inspirational or business leader, entertainer or other public or private figure with a compelling story to tell? Do you want to get that long-awaited book written to take to speaking engagements and clean up on back-of-the-room sales? Or write down your life’s legacy for the public to enjoy, along with your family?

Write Away Books offers one of the best ghostwriting services in the business. We’ve ghosted nearly 20 books in fiction, non-fiction, business, leadership, film/entertainment, music, sports and health/wellness. We’ve worked with CEOs, astronauts, Hall of Famers, public figures, industry leaders and top influencers, and brought their stories to countless thousands of readers.

Our process is simple: Let us know your story, who you want to reach, and whether you want to write the book with our assistance — or we assign a ghostwriter perfectly suited to you. Then we collaborate with you to write and edit the book, and offer you the further opportunity to run marketing and public relations through our marketing department. We also have the option of shopping it to traditional or hybrid publishers, or self-publishing fulfillment centers — your preference.

Let’s have the conversation and get your book started. The world wants to hear your story — and now you have a means of telling it.