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Let’s Chat About AI

A computer guy approached me today to ask my opinion about ChatGPT. I wasn’t very complimentary. For those who missed it, ChatGPT is artificial intelligence that’s quickly garnering attention for articulate answers across many subjects. Chatbots mimic human conversation, but the more versatile ChatGPT writes and debugs computer programs; composes music, teleplays, fairy tales, poetry, song lyrics, and student essays; answers test questions; and plays games like tic-tac-toe. So I asked ChatGPT two questions: “Describe the color black” (generating 127 … Continue reading “Let’s Chat About AI”

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The World’s Easiest Fundraiser

40+ years of working with a wide range of non-profit groups has taught me that they all have one thing in common. Whether community service or religious, performing arts or sports, every non-profit at every level needs money to do their job. Thank you, Captain Obvious. However, there’s a wrinkle, because non-profit organizations typically rely on volunteer help to do their work. And most volunteers don’t look at non-profit groups as a business selling products or services to generate revenues, … Continue reading “The World’s Easiest Fundraiser”

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Fall/Holiday Editing Discount

  From September 1-December 31, we’re offering editing discounts at Write Away Books! That way, you can get that badly needed edit for your book manuscript or short story collection without drawing from your kids’ or spouses’ holiday gifts! For current clients who need new books edited, we are offering a 15% extended discount through the rest of the year. For all new clients, we’re offering a 20% discount on your first book edit! Send us 5 to 10 pages, … Continue reading “Fall/Holiday Editing Discount”

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Need Your Book Adapted To Screenplay?

  We all have the dream: we’re going to write a book, then someone in Hollywood is going to notice, magically pick up our book, and somehow make it a movie. Well, it’s not quite that simple. In most cases, we have to do the legwork ourselves, adapt our books to screenplays, then find a pitch or studio agent to begin the selling process. With WAB, you’ve got your first major hurdle out of the way: our team can convert … Continue reading “Need Your Book Adapted To Screenplay?”

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Ghostwriters In The Sky (and at WAB!)

  Are you a way-too-busy corporate executive, inspirational or business leader, entertainer or other public or private figure with a compelling story to tell? Do you want to get that long-awaited book written to take to speaking engagements and clean up on back-of-the-room sales? Or write down your life’s legacy for the public to enjoy, along with your family? Write Away Books offers one of the best ghostwriting services in the business. We’ve ghosted nearly 20 books in fiction, non-fiction, … Continue reading “Ghostwriters In The Sky (and at WAB!)”

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Got a Writer’s Conference Presentation? Let Us Help You.

  For the first time in three years, the Fall writers conference season will be bustling this year. Thousands of writers will arrive at locations nationwide to network, attend workshops and seminars, hear keynotes, and meet publishers, agents and editors seeking new work. But what do you bring to such a 10- to 15-minute pitch meeting? Since these pitch meetings are your first big shot to attract an agent or editor to your work, make everything you present the best it … Continue reading “Got a Writer’s Conference Presentation? Let Us Help You.”

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Nita Whitaker’s Journey to Singing, Broadway, And A Musical Father-Daughter Memoir

  For the past thirty years, music fans throughout America and the world have marveled at Nita Whitaker’s strong, sultry and captivating vocals. She’s gone from being a Miss Louisiana runner-up to singing on the hit movies The Bodyguard and the Ten Commandments, to recording several show tune and gospel albums, to collaborating extensively with multiple Grammy-winning producer David Foster, and performing with legends including Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. In 2021, the recipient of the 2019 NAACP Best Supporting … Continue reading “Nita Whitaker’s Journey to Singing, Broadway, And A Musical Father-Daughter Memoir”

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Organizing Your Business

Many people don’t realize that writing a book means you’re in business for yourself.  Therefore, we offer as a public service the best way to get started. Because, if you’re serious about building a business, you need a business plan. It’s like having a blueprint to erect a strong, stable house in which you’ll live. Composition notebooks are great for developing your business plan. You can’t tear out the pages, and any ideas you scribble down are still there six … Continue reading “Organizing Your Business”

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Staying Out Of The Trash Bin

  It IS possible to avoid spam filters…assuming you’re willing to put in the effort when developing your email campaigns. Try starting with these ideas: GET PERMISSION. Asking readers for permission before sending them materials decreases chances you’ll be marked as SPAM. They still may not read it, but you won’t get dinged. DON’T BUY LISTS. Even If someone claims their email list is clean and guaranteed, RUN THE OTHER WAY! USE GOOD SUBJECT LINES. Avoid words like free, don’t … Continue reading “Staying Out Of The Trash Bin”