Our History


How we got started!

Like so many success stories, Write Away Books got started with two good friends, a simple idea, and a love of giving back to others. In our case the catalyst came from the Rotary Club of Carlsbad, California.

Bob was a long-time member of that illustrious organization, having grown up in this funky beach town and being firmly established in their surfer community. He turned a love of writing into a career, and when he and Rob met Bob already had over 140 books to his credit as author, co-author, ghost writer, or editor. He was already well known for helping others to successfully create and/or finish their manuscripts, then getting them published and marketed.

Rob’s career in strategic planning and marketing had taken him through a decade in the nation’s capital, another decade running an advertising agency on New York’s famed Madison Avenue, and 12 years in New England unsuccessfully searching for small town life where people said “Howdy,” and meant it.

Moving his family to Carlsbad, Rob chose Bob’s club due to its members’ irreverence. By his second meeting, he and Bob had appointed themselves the club’s communications team. That’s when the light bulb blinked on.

Bob gets credit for the concept of our little business, noting over breakfast “I’m a writer who knows about marketing. You’ve written several books and author a weekly syndicated marketing advice column, so you’re obviously a marketing guy who knows about writing. Why don’t we work together to help others get their stories out?”

The rest, as they say, is history!

Today we’re working with authors in travel, lifestyle, legal, medical, humor, leadership, sports, motivation, communication, technology, sustainability, self-help, memoir, young adult, and fantasy to bring their ideas to life. Unlike those who finish editing, then hand you a list of things to do to market yourself, we actually gather the resources and help you do the strategizing, creating, and implementing…


Plus, since every member on our team is an author, we all understand the challenges, frustrations, and rewards that can come from getting your story right and then successfully sharing it with others.

And because we’ve all been on the receiving end of countless rejection letters…and have had an endless stream of so-called professionals who’ve abandoned us mid-project…we’re firmly committed not only to helping others tell their tale, but to helping them tell the world about it.

At Write Away Books we’re committed to taking your ideas and your needs seriously, taking you from idea to manuscript to marketplace. But most importantly, we want us to all have fun working on your project.

It’s a simple idea…but it works for us, and it will work for you. Because, as advertising lion David Ogilvy once observed; “The best idea is a simple one.”