Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Here are a few things you should know about us here at Write Away Books:
    • What can you do for me? Editorial. Ghostwriting. Coaching. Marketing. The professional team at Write Away Books is available to not only develop your tactics and strategies, but we can also implement all the tools you decide you’re comfortable with. If it’s related to getting your book From Idea to Manuscript to Marketplace™, we do it. Learn more about our services here
    • So you’re only full-service? Wrong again, Skippy. We’ll do as much – or as little – as you want us to do. Members of our team are even available for consultation about your dealings with your current or future publishers.

    • Why should I trust you with my book? Fair question. Our management team has authored, co-authored, edited or ghostwritten over 225 books. We’ve also got solid experience creating magazines and bringing them to market (both one-offs and ongoing operations).

      Want more? We’ve developed and implemented comprehensive marketing solutions across a wide range of industries. This means we’re prepared to take an author or publication from start to finish. We work in every genre, and have dedicated ourselves to providing best-in-industry editorial, marketing and consultative services. And you’ll find our customer service is TOP NOTCH!

      Furthermore, we have a deep bench of talent, both seasoned and edgy. Our team represents all segments of story development, presentation, production, and branding…and it’s ALL going to be at your disposal.

      Plus, because we’ve got decades of these kinds of successes under our belts, we’re able to consistently provide strategies, tactics, and solutions for authors needing help developing their ideas, editing their stories, and managing publishing relationships.

    • How will we define success? As a first step, we typically like to get a firm handle on objectives, timelines, milestones, budgets, unique selling propositions, and similar strategic issues.

    • Will you work remotely or in person? Either. We’ve handled more than 75 projects from all over the world JUST since the COVID shutdown. We’ll communicate with you via ZOOM, phone, email, or snail mail, as you prefer. And if we’re in the same neighborhood, let’s catch up for a cup of coffee.

    • How does working remotely work? When we’re working with you, it’ll feel as if our office is on the next block. We’ll use a variety of communications tools for cross-marketing your current and past titles, and we’ll set up a Google Doc folder for moving larger files. Most importantly, you’ll be involved in every decision at every step.

    • What if you don’t believe in my book? We work in every genre and have editors, strategists and marketing professionals on our team across the political and philosophical spectrum. Which means unless you’re advocating something illegal, odds are pretty good we’ll be able to provide you with the support that you need.

    • How will each target audience be reached? There are a number of ways to reach individual target audiences, including direct mail, social media, email, and (for a limited number of highly desirable audience members) phone. We have a team of researchers dedicated to helping identify the categories, groups, contacts, and how to reach decision-makers. Naturally, you’ll approve all of our results before we proceed to any next steps.

    • How much will everything cost? Since we haven’t talked with you about your specific needs, it’s impossible to give you an accurate estimate of costs and timelines. You may need more than you think, or you may really need less. Since everything we do is customized for your specific needs, we’ll give you a proposal defining what we think it’ll take to get you across the finish line.

    • Sounds like it’s gonna be expensive! You’d be surprised. We have individual services you might want, while other stuff is available on an hourly basis. And if you know up-front what you’re looking for us to do, we can put together a package for you that will be very economical. The best way to find out what we’re thinking makes sense? Talk to us.

    • Will you commit to everything in writing? Absolutely! Everything will be in a written contract that you’ve agreed to prior to implementation or before any money changes hands. Because we hate surprises in business, and assume you do too. So yeah – we’ll talk it through, figure out what you need, commit to it, and stick to it. Period!

    • How do we get started? We suggest you send us some basic information or (if you have them) a couple of chapters of your book. Either way, we’ll get back to you pretty quickly.