Book Services

book services

Write Away Books provides a full range of services needed to take any author from Idea to Manuscript to Marketplace.™ Here are a few of the things we can do to help you.

Need something else? Just ask!!

Author Coaching

Perfect for the seasoned veteran or the first time Do-It-Yourselfer, we’ll help you strategize, analyze, evaluate, and develop tactics. Our team will point you towards resources, walk you through ways to implement them, or be available to do the work on your behalf.

Book Evaluations

Provides an independent third-party evaluation whether a book should even be published, and how each aspect of it can be improved.

Strategy & Planning

Need a little help getting started? Need the whole nine yards? Either way, we’ll provide you with a point-by-point outline of what’s involved to keep you pointed in the right direction.

Agent/Publisher Outreach

We know lots of agents, and dozens of publishers, and they take our calls. Put your book into our hands and just WATCH THE RESULTS!

Cover Design

A picture’s worth 1,000 words, and we’ll create a cover telling the world all about your book at a glance.

Interior Layout

Whether print or e-book, you need professionally designed pages with the right margins, fonts, look, and feel. Count on our graphics team to make you look your best. 

Endorsement & Review Solicitation

Any book needs endorsements, reviews, and testimonials to become successful. They’re what drives social media, press inquiries, additional testimonials, and sales. And we know how to get them!

Ebook Conversion

Whether you’re a DIY type, are looking for full-service manuscript development, or it’s somewhere in between, WAB is there to provide as much editorial evaluation and editorial service as you need.


Every author needs an extra set of eyes reading their finished work. After all, if you made a mistake the first time around, what makes you think you’ll catch it during review? Count on us to spot any last-minute mistakes.

Website Development

This is the first place anyone will go to learn more about your work. We’ll provide you with the perfect platform for selling and distributing your book, gathering names, developing a drip campaign, and communicating with the world.

Drip Campaigns

The saying “Out of sight, out of mind” really applies when you’re trying to hustle your latest book. We’ll help you gather a mailing list, put together a series of electronic and/or print mailers, and keep your name in front of all the most appropriate audiences to maximize chances you accomplish your objective.

Email Marketing

A bi-weekly email campaign to a list of more than 6,000 business editors, reporters, bloggers, book reviewers, business executives, celebrities, influencers, and radio/TV commentators in North America.

Here's the bottom line. If you need help with your book…any phase of it, from beginning to end…talk to us. We’ve got the finest people in the industry on our team, offering...

* Strategic planning * Editorial development * Book administration * Coaching
* Creative ideas * Marketing * Technical stuff * Representation

And like we said before… if you need something else, Just ask!