SPRING SPECIAL: Editing Your Book To Publishing Quality

Writing your book is such a wonderful process and achievement — and then the road to publishing truly begins.

The biggest step is to make your story publish-ready. That means top-quality editing. Writers often make the mistake of thinking that a publishing house will accept their manuscript and put their editors to work, no matter the condition of the manuscript.

It doesn’t work that way! Whether it’s a major, mid-size, small or hybrid publisher, you need to present the most polished, well-edited manuscript possible.

It REALLY makes a difference. Even if you’re self-publishing, you might get away with one poorly edited book because of savvy marketing skills, but a second? Readers will usually turn the other way.

Our highly experienced team has edited more than 200 fiction and non-fiction titles over the years, including a number of bestsellers. The vast majority have gone on to be acquired and published. We know what publishers expect, and we edit to that exacting standard.

Best of all, we work in all genres and sizes, from 30,000-word novellas to 150,000-word magnum opus novels. We particularly specialize in memoir, commercial and literary fiction, crime thrillers, sci fi, fantasy, business and leadership, women’s categories, health and wellness, sports, lifestyle and travel titles.

We’re offering a special Spring package to all authors interested in our editing services: 20% off our already competitive rates. We’ll even edit the first 10 pages ABSOLUTELY FREE so we can fall in love with your story and you can determine how good of a fit we will be for you.

To get your manuscript on the speedway to being published, please contact us and send the first 10 pages of your manuscript, along with a synopsis (if you have one). We will give you a full edit, send back — and then let’s take the editing journey together so your readers will see your story at its absolute finest!