Got a Writer’s Conference Presentation? Let Us Help You.


For the first time in three years, the Fall writers conference season will be bustling this year. Thousands of writers will arrive at locations nationwide to network, attend workshops and seminars, hear keynotes, and meet publishers, agents and editors seeking new work.

But what do you bring to such a 10- to 15-minute pitch meeting? Since these pitch meetings are your first big shot to attract an agent or editor to your work, make everything you present the best it can be, including:

  • One-page Query letter pitching your book concept, a synopsis of the story line, why you’re the ideal person to write the book, its potential audience and how you can help market it.
  • Synopsis of your book, the story and main characters, all in 1 to 2 pages.
  • 10 to 15 double-spaced manuscript pages, ideally Chapter One.

Here’s the kicker: the Query, Synopsis and Sample Chapter have to be publish-ready for you to get the response you seek. How do you go about that?

Let us help you get there. For just $249 ($299 after October 15), we will edit the chapter, and help you write and edit your Query and Synopsis. Our team has written more than 25 books, edited more than 200 titles in all genres, and assisted writers at pitch sessions for 20 years. We know the business and what editors and publishers want.

$249. For your best shot at landing a major publishing deal. We can get you set for September and Fall-Winter writers conferences. Give us a shout.